The Song for the Ciaotou shrine festival

演唱者 林添財
製作者 岡本光博
録音日期 2005年8月1日
録音地点 橋仔頭文史協会庭園
演唱時間 34秒

Singer: Lin Tian-Cai
Producer: Okamoto Mitsuhiro
Recording data: August 1st, 2005
Recording place: Kio-A-Tau Cultural Society
Recording time: 34 seconds


There is a Japanese song "The Song for the Ciaotou Shrine festival" which was familiar with Japanese and Taiwanese in Ciauou in Japanese rule days.
Some of old men who live in Ciaotou sang this song, when I asked them about these days.
Mr.Rin, 77 years old Taiwanese, former music teacher in elementary school, his singing has deep nostalgia feeling. His singing voice must make 1 page of the Ciaotou history, also 1 page of the Japan and Taiwan's cultural exchange history.