Rabbits in the Counter

During the exhibition, all receptionists at HOSOMI Museum put on animal nose masks as my artwork.


HOSOMI Museum, Kyoto,JAPAN
細見美術館 (京都)

Rabbits in the Counter

This artwork is an investigation of the sense of an unexpected gap. During the exhibition, the artist requests that all the receptionists have to use animation-esque animal nose.
If the situation of the place were more conservative, the gap would evoke the situation more difficult to tolerate laughing.
The exhibition of the artwork was held at Hosomi Museum, Kyoto, where it owned a lot of masterpieces of national arts such as cultural assets of Buddhist art and Rinpa.
OKAMOTO Mitsuhiro English translation: KIBUKAWA Ei (eitoeiko).

Rabbits in the Counter


(週刊金曜日2006年10月13日号より 連載「珈琲破壊」038)