FG # 170

Lin 29;

investigation 1

/ 調査 1

Images and packages of four specific adhesive bandages on the vinyl fabric


410×310mm  1996

Every time I stand New York City, namely America’s melting pot, the vibrant neighborhoods awake me to my own Asian racial color consciousness.

This work is the display of bandages packaging, which I purchased in Manhattan and photographs of putting them on my forearm.
From the bottom, brown, medium brown , sheer strips, and displays only adhesive bandages.
I analyzed that in this case, no specific skin tone means “Standard”.
Even for “Multi skins”, the color of gauze is rather whiter than my skin.

“Coffee Break 006 ” investigation 1, Weekly “Shukan Kinyobi” 17th February 2006






(週刊金曜日2006年2月17日号より 連載「珈琲破壊」006)